Oilfield Services


  • Conductor Holes
  • Cellar Holes
  • Rat & Mouseholes
  • Water Well Drilling
  • Construction Drilling

R. J. Oilfield Services

R.J. Oilfield provides a wide varitety of pre-production oilfield drilling and construction services.

R.J Oilfield began offering its services to the energy and construction industries in 2005.   Since then, we have expanded our services and service area, offering more people in more places a reliable source for pre-production and construction drilling.  Our services include:

Conductor Holes

Cellar Holes

We offer cellar holes drilled with a diameter up to 10 feet.

Rat and Mouse Holes

Water Well Drilling

Construction Drilling

We offer hole drilling for many construction applications. These include:

  • Caisson Holes
  • Poles
  • Large Signs